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Dear Colleagues,

Emergency Medicine Association of Turkey organizes various training programs and events throughout the year. As at the end of every year, the classic annual congresses of our association are meticulously prepared for you this year as well. This year, 8th Eurasian Congress of Emergency Medicine and 18th Emergency Medicine Congress of Turkey, along with 17th World Interactive Network Focused on Critical Ultrasound Congress, this time a World Congress, will be held with the WINFOCUS team.

Our scientific event, which is one of the leading scientific congresses at the national and international level with its high-quality content, will be held this year with the WINFOCUS World Congress, which offers internationally valid ultrasound training certifications. For this reason, a truly scientific feast will be shared with you to be enriched by our experts and speakers from a wide range of national and international areas, both from Emergency Medicine and other specialties, and to be worthy of the mission of the Emergency Medicine Association of Turkey to proudly represent our country in the field of Emergency Medicine in Europe and the World in the best way possible.

In line with the global scientific mission of the Emergency Medicine Association of Turkey, we are planning a wonderful scientific program with the most experienced, remarkable, and popular local and foreign speakers. We will select and bring together our guests, who are all experts in their fields and subjects, and we are confident that this will contribute positively to the professional practices, clinical practices, academic advancement, working conditions and personal rights of Emergency Medicine specialists and assistants. We are making an intense effort for a comprehensive scientific program in which participants from all branches involved in critical patient management, as well as Emergency Medicine specialists and assistants, can all learn something. We promise to do our best to make this one of the most unforgettable congresses with wonderful social events we have planned for you, in a wonderful hotel where all our participants can relax, have fun, and have a good time with their families.

This year, we have determined the theme of our congress as “We Care, We Dare, and We Share”. We care about the health of our Emergency Medicine workers, our patients, and our employees, who work by overcoming many difficulties in the difficult and self-sacrificing working environment of the emergency service, therefore we dare to fight against difficult conditions such as pandemics and disasters. To achieve all of these, we share our knowledge, patience and heart with our employees and patients.

Our congress, with a stronger international presence this year, will again be credited by The Turkish Medical Association.

We will be pleased to see you among us at our congress, where we will get away from our busy working environments, increase our scientific and professional knowledge, and have fun with its social content.

Hoping to meet at our 8th Eurasian Congress of Emergency Medicine, 18th Emergency Medicine Congress of Turkey and 17th WINFOCUS World Congress between December 1-4, 2022,

With my best regards,

Prof. Dr. Serkan Yılmaz
President of Emergency Medicine Association of Turkey
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